Aesthetically pleasing

With the main heating unit located on the outside of the home, only the grilles mounted in the ceiling or floor are visible indoors. This means ducted gas heating works well with most interior design and styles, and is not very visually intrusive.

Zoning system

Ducted systems can be enhanced with zoning, where you divide your house into different zones to vary the airflow throughout your home. Through this system, you can choose to turn on the heating for only certain areas or rooms, rather than the whole house. Since you are only using heating when and where you need [...]

Cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly

Natural gas is considered one of the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly fuels for heating. Ducted heating systems also come with efficiency ratings now, which allows homeowners to choose their level of efficiency. The higher the level, the more efficient the unit is. This means less energy is used, which translates to lower running costs.

Good Quality Air

Ducted heating systems are designed to provide a stream of high-quality air. These heaters do not produce dry air, and, as the central heating unit is normally placed outside the home, there are no fumes or smells inside. The air also passes through filters that trap large particles.

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